The Island City of Mumbai has salty, humid environment and heavy rainfall as well. The city is surrounded by sea & has limited land. About 150 years ago, Industrialization and Urbanization started in this city.
About 100-125 years ago, buildings of 4 to 5 storey were built privately in accordance with the then available technology and with conventional methods. These buildings were built of load bearing walls, wooden joists, posts, Manglore tiles roof, ladi coba flooring etc. After 1940, some buildings were constructed of R.C.C.
Middle class families & workers started staying in these buildings on rental, basis. In the year 1948, the Government enacted the Rent Control Act, 1942.
As a result the rents were frozen to the level of 1940.
The owners of the old and dilapidated buildings having lost both the means and the incentive gave up to take care of their rented buildings and to maintain it. The tenants also felt that it was the only responsibility of the owners, both owners and tenants remained reluctant to maintain and carry out essential repairs to their building.
Due to the salty, humid environment of island city of Mumbai, heavy rainfall and day to day aging of the conventional type material used for construction, the buildings went into dilapidated condition and finally started to collapse, thereby causing loss of life and property.
  To find out solution on this situation, the Govt of Maharashtra appointed "Bedekar Committee" which suggested to establish a separate Board to carry out essential structural repairs and if required, reconstruction of these buildings on the Island City of Mumbai.
According to the recommendation of the Bedekar Committee, the Govt. enacted the Mumbai Building Repairs and Reconstruction Act 1969. Thus the Mumbai Building Repairs and Reconstruction Board came into existence in 1971.
Previously, it was expected that the problem of Repairs and Reconstruction would be solved within 10 years. However, it was experienced that it would not be possible, as such the activity was entrusted to the Mumbai Housing and Area Development Board that came into existence in December 1977 under MHADA.
Due to various work areas, the Mumbai Housing and Area Development Board was further trifurcated in November 1992, and a new Board, viz. Mumbai Building Repair and Reconstruction Board came into existence which is carrying out all the activities of the Repair and Reconstruction program of  old and dilapidated buildings as per Chapter VIII and VIII-A of MHAD Act. 1976.
There are 19642 privately owned rental buildings in the ‘A’ to ‘C’ category in the Island City of Mumbai considered under the Repair & Reconstruction Program which were constructed upto 30th Sept. 1969. The State Govt. levied a separate tax on these buildings apart from other taxes as per section 84 of the MHAD Act.
These 19642 cessed buildings are further classified into following three categories as per section 84 of the MHAD Act.
Period of construction
No. of buildings
Upto 1st September, 1940
Between 1st September,1940 & 31.12.1950
Between 1st January,1951 & 30th  September,1969
During last 32 years, some cessed buildings have collapsed, some were demolished because of its dilapidated condition, some were reconstructed / redeveloped and some were decessed.   As per the Pre-monsoon Survey carried out by the Board’s Engineers this year, the figures of buildings existing on site are as follows :-
Category     No. of buildings
        A               13,360
        B               1,474
        C               1,270
     Total             16,104